Autumn anemone

In the past, there was a certain order that nature followed: In the summer, all the flowers bloomed, and in the fall, the flowers closed their blooms. When autumn came, the merciless autumn storms blew the flowers to the ground or forced them to retract their leaves. The autumn storms and the darkness worked together. The days grew shorter and eventually everyone slept. This is how it had always been.
But lately, the flowers had now started to react. Many had seen that autumn was not only darkness. The leaves in the trees burst into autumn colours, and the autumn frost could sparkle like diamonds over the forest and land. So why must the flowers sleep then? People had even begun to say that the Autumn Storm had been doing this to have control, have control of something that had always been this way. The autumn storm obviously heard what the flowers were whispering about.
That autumn, the wind gusts measured hurricane force as the storm moved in over the plains. The autumn storm showed its strength and no one would question him. The flowers lay broken and scrunched up on the ground - except for one small sheer flower, an anemone. It had bloomed! At the same moment, a wind fairy appeared at the anemone's side. The Wind Fairy explained that the flowers now had their chance. The anemone must stand up for itself! "Show the autumn wind that you want to bloom even in the autumn!" The higher the gusts came, the more the anemone opened up. The anemone couldn't understand where she got her power from. "Carry on" said the wind fairy. The autumn wind was furious! He said he would take the autumn leaves to his aid to destroy the defiant flower. "With autumn leaves all over you, none of you will defy me again". And that was what he thought! But the next time the autumn storm came, he faced an even stronger resistance! To this day, the anemone fights for all the flowers rights to bloom in autumn.

After the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, very strict living rules were introduced for women and after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, strong protests have taken place in Iran. The Iranian Regime is totally ruthless. They are prepared to resort to any means to stop the protests. The protests can be silenced but not the feeling that a change is near. It is still too early to say how it will end.
The autumn anemone/Anemone hupehensis blooms well into October. The flower is also called a wild flower because it opens up with the slightest wind. The autumn anemone thrives when protected with a thick layer of autumn leaves in the first winter.
We must not forget the stubborn struggle of Iranian (and all other) women for greater freedom and against discriminatory laws and norms!