Camelia japonica / Kamelia 

A long time ago, long before nature's insects established winter dormancy, people were preparing for the cold. Some began to find ways to cope with the cold and barren period whilst others knew that a tough time was ahead. At the same time, a storm swept over a large area of ​​the world. No other weather seasons could stop the storm from advancing and eventually the other weather seasons gave up. As you may understand, it became impossible to stay if you were not a storm and hundreds of thousands of creatures were forced to flee. Now, here they were in the middle of a winter landscape without warm clothes, food and housing. The creatures knew that even though they had escaped the storm, the ground they were walking on was dangerous. The storm had caused lightning to strike if they stepped on the wrong place and night moths had been sent out to smell their presence. To survive, they would have to find a flower to live with, and because flowers smell, that would then make them an easy prey for the moths. A little boy elf had come to the place. He was frozen and desperate. He knew his situation was impossible. No plants bloom in the snow !? How would he find food and warmth and who would inform someone that he was still alive?
Suddenly the boy elf heard someone clear their throat. The boy elf looked up and there stood the most stately bush he had seen, with large red flowers which bloomed in the middle of the winter snow. Above the bush, the night moths circulated menacingly. The bush explained that the elf would live with her and that he wouldn't need to be worried about the night moths as they couldn't see him, "The night moths only use their sense of smell and every night you can put a star at my highest peak. With the light of the star, your family and others will understand that you are alive and safe”. Over time, the moths became more and more tired. Finally, they realised that they themselves would have to sleep to survive the winter. Since that day, the Camelia bush blooms for all those who have to flee when the winter is bitter cold. And if you look closely, maybe you can see a star on the top of the Camelia bush?

The children of Afghanistan have suffered after many, many years of war. This summer, the situation escalated and hundreds of thousands of children were forced to flee their homes. When the cold winter comes their situation gets even worse.
Landmines injure and kill thousands of children every year.
Camelia japonica / Kamelia blooms in winter and has no scent. Moths hibernate during Winter months and they have a much more developed sense of smell than we humans have. Today, people try to use moths to smell out hidden landmines.