Cat’s foot (Antennaria Dioica)

Once upon a time there was a meadow that had changed. Previously, the meadow, at this time of the year could boast with its beautiful flowers, grass and butterflies. Here, everyone lived in interaction with each other. But today someone wanted to destroy this meadow. All that had been previously built was now in ruins and only fragments of unfathomable suffering remained. Moths circulated in the air awaiting their chance to harvest new victims. During the day, the few who chose to stay were met by eerie silence and total destruction, but by night an anxious scream could be heard mixed with sounds of heartbreaking crying. These nocturnal anxious sounds came from a fairy. The fairy had fled to this site. She had seen her parents hit by the devastation and she, herself, was being sent away from her home. In the terrifying experience, she was forced to leave her parents and her beloved friend, her cat. Every night she wandered around back and forth in this destruction of a place. The wavering eventually created a trampled path from which the fairy carefully cleared away the broken blades of grass. Suddenly one day a catsfoot started to grow up on the path. The catsfoot was worried about the fairy and asked her why she did not sleep at night. The fairy told her tale, about missing her parents and that her cat always used to help her fall asleep at night. Now, there was no one there who could calm her down to sleep. From that day, the catsfoot tilted its paw-like flowers against the fairy's cheeks so that she could finally find comfort. As a thank you, the fairy made wreaths of the flowers that bloomed. She tied them in a special way so that the catsfoot pointed up at the sky and made it look like the meadow was full with live cats. She tied the wreaths as if to show the moths that no one could break down her or her loved ones. She also tied the wreaths so that the world would forever remember her family and her cat and their suffering.

Animals are often left behind when humans are forced to flee war. Recently, more than one million people have fled Ukraine. Several large cities have been hit hard by missiles. There are only ruins and total destruction left.
With the introduction of commercial fertilizers and chemical pesticides, a large part of the country's meadows have grown over. Since the catsfoot often grows in meadows, this has contributed to the flower being threatened with extinction. In order for a meadow to survive, it must not be fertilized, it must be beaten and cut. The catsfoot is called an eternal flower and you can form eternal wreaths from the dried flowers.