Chestnut tree 

Spring had just begun to turn into summer and the flower buds on the ground were only millimeters from bursting. The newly sprouted leaves gave greenery to the branches and the horse chestnut trees were already adorned with their light pink upright clusters. The summer sun shone through the treetops and the forest and land were ready to soak up the summer. But not everything was so peaceful. Somewhere in someone's head, anxious thoughts moved. Thoughts of never fitting in, thoughts of all the violations experienced and thoughts of the enormous desire to be confirmed. He called himself Prokary and he had decided, he would take revenge in the most brutal and bloody way. Now, he would just wait for the ultimate weapon - the rain.
A little fairy who had heard rumors of Prokary's plans did everything she could to warn the horse chestnuts. Thanks to the fairys warning, ladybirds perched themselves on the leaves of the trees and spiders built protective nets against the rain. Meanwhile, the fairy settled in one of the trees and the flowers became her best friends. Unfortunately, these efforts did not help. Finally the rain came! Even though they had prepared themselves the rain shower came as a shock. Prokary chuckled and said it serves themself right and that all the flowers would wither, dry out and fall lifeless to the ground. "No one would ever remember any dried flowers." After Prokary's destruction, the horse chestnut tree bled from its trunk and below, scattered on the ground, were all its flowers. The fairy was deeply unhappy. She shouted to Prokary that even if he had killed all the flowers, they would live on in her memory forever! To her, they would never die! And when she looked down at the ground, she saw that the flowers had not withered at all. They were as beautiful as when they were on the tree. So, she would remember them forever. To honor those who fell victim to Prokary's attack, horse chestnuts still shed their flowers before they wither.

Terrorist attacks and other serious violent crimes committed by lone perpetrators have increased in the last decade.
The horse chestnut trees flowers fall to the ground before they wither and dry and are therefore beautiful even when they have fallen. Chestnut hemorrhage is a disease that manifests itself through "bleeding wounds" in the trunk of the tree. The disease is spread by i.a. rain and is caused by a bacterium (Pseudomonas syringae pv aesculi). Bacteria are neither plants nor animals but belong to a separate group called "Prokaryotes". They consist of a single cell.
According to Swedish old folk belief, the ladybird arrived with beautiful weather.