Ghost orchid

Epipogium aphyllum / Ghost orchid 

Long ago, well before our time, the forest was divided into what was rooted and rootless. The rooted ones were strong, stately, and full of life, whilst the rootless ones were those that had passed away - the ones who were dead. The creatures in the forest prefered not to have any contact with the rootless creatures as it could bring bad luck to all the living.
Lately, an autumn fairy had moved in amongst the tree roots. She wandered around as if she was searching for something. The plants in the forest became irritated with the fairy. One of the big trees said to the fairy that she should stay with her mother or her host flower instead of wandering around the forest. The autumn fairy replied that she wanted to stay with her mother but she needed to find her first. The big trees did not understand why the fairy would have to look for her mother, no one should need to do that! At that moment, the fairy suddenly saw her mother and her host flower. Among the roots of the big trees, she appeared - the ghost orchid - as a shimmering figure full of life and strength. The fairy explained how much she missed her mother and how grateful she was to see her again. At that moment the tree shouted : Your mother, she is rootless - she must be dead! The fairy replied that for her, her mother was very alive despite being rootless. She explained that sometimes she could even see her and talk to her. "as long as she is in my heart, she is still alive" said the fairy. 

The grief of a loved one does not just go away. Grief is very different for everyone, but researchers have found that most people feel good when talking to their loved ones who have passed away. Epipogium aphyllum / Ghost orchid is an orchid that can live a hidden and underground life for several years and then suddenly appear in an unexpected place. The ghost orchid lacks roots.