There was once a place where life changed in a heartbeat. Suddenly, the noice of singing birds was replaced by noisy jet engines. The sound of rippling meltwater was replaced by the sound of children crying out and in despair. Many were forced to leave their loved ones behind. They were left behind in the midst of bombs and raid air warnings, all thinking about their families that they may never see again.
  One morning the fog laid thick over the ground. After a while the sun's morning rays cleared the fog and suddenly an elf boy woke up with a sudden jerk. He woke up in the middle of a branch and he could feel the heat from the sun's rays between the branches. Yellow hazel catkins hung around him. He did not remember where he was or how he had gotten there but suddenly realised he was in excruciating pain from his head and knees. He then remembered the powerful explosion. His sister was with him at the time but where was she now? The elf shouted out loud "Where am I?" This morning is too beautiful to be true - am I dead? ” Then a voice answered: "Welcome to the shadow kingdom. I'm a hazelnut tree. This is where those who hover between life and death end up. If you can endure for a while, I will, when my leaves have blossomed, heal your wounds ”. For a time, the elf struggled with his injuries. He became desperate when he thought about his sister he had left - what if she was hurt and scared. Finally he told the hazelnut tree that he wanted to give up, he was ready to die, but the hazel tree had to promise that he would shed his leaves over all the children who were not yet in the shadow kingdom, so that they could survive. Survive both what is happening now, but also in the future. And that year, the hazelnut shed an enormous amont of of leaves.

All people in a war-torn country are always subjected to enormous suffering. A war is currently raging in Ukraine. The children's mental health is at risk and long-term trauma is a fact. They will need a tremendous amount of support for a long time to come.
  Hazelnut is a tree or shrub. Hazelnut is a so-called shade plant. The leaves are bactericidal and can be applied to wounds. The flower buds bloom before the leaves. If you see a hazel leaf on the ground, you should know that that leaf has protected a war-affected child ❤️‍