A long time ago, winter darkness spread itself all over the earth. The winter darkness let in very little light, causing the flowers to protest loudly. The flowers cried out that they would die without the light. Despite this, winter darkness kept it's foothold on the Earth. One by one the flowers fell asleep. But the Wintersweet shrub and his sweet fairy kept on struggling to stay awake. They said to the darkness that they would never give in. To silence them both, darkness made it start to snow. The Wintersweet shrub responded by flowering in the snow.Then darkness made the Wintersweet shrub blind. But Wintersweet and his fairy refused to give in. Darkness then made the Wintersweet shrub deaf. Wintersweet and his fairy still refused to give in.Then darkness said: "How is it that you hear what your fairy says to you? You're now blind and deaf !?
Sweet fairy replied:" Nobody listerns to suppression techniques, but kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Since that day onwards the darkness of winter allows flowers to bloom and every winter the Wintersweet shrub flowers in the snow, reminding us never to forget what almost happened when darkness was going to kill all the flowers on our earth.