The elf, the lie and the Witch hazel ( Hamamelis)

A long time ago, something dangerous happened in the world. Winterchill decided he wanted to take over the power. Winterchill hated the spring warmth so he told all the plants that spring would never come back. During this time, when all the plants had fallen asleep, a news delivering elf fought to spread the news told by winterchill, not realising it was a lie. Winterchill laughed and said he would create zero temperatures to stop the elf from delivering the news. The elf was devastated and now all the plants were already asleep where would he stay? A Witch hazel shrub heard what was going on and offered the elf to stay with her. The elf explained to the Witch hazel shrub that he had to deliver the news and because the Witch hazel had not yet bloomed he found it inappropriate to stay. Witch hazel replied that she would certainly blossom soon and knew a way to deliver the news. The elf jumped up on to the Witch hazel shrub and indeed, slowly but surely, she started to bloom. The elf could warm up inside the flowers and Witch hazel helped deliver the news by ejecting it several meters. Soon, the news reached all of the other plants and Winterchill gave way to the spring, the sunshine and the spring flowers.

The Witch hazel shrub can blossom as early as January. Witch hazel closes its petals when it gets too cold and opens them again when it becomes milder. The seeds sit in a capsule which ruptures and then ejects them several meters. It is too easy to spread lies these days. We must find out where the news is coming from before we accept it for the truth.